Service Learning Scholars Program



 In the summer of 2012, the Office of Service Learning (OSL) will offer up to fifteen grants to majors in all disciplines enabling the award recipients to spend ten weeks in the summer at the University pursuing an individual service-learning project.  Projects must be conducted under the close supervision of a faculty member.  Service-Learning Scholars have the opportunity to carry out projects that will develop their ability to integrate academic knowledge with experiences that extend beyond the classroom. 

Note:  Early Decision is available for student and faculty partnerships that include an independent study in the spring to prepare the scholar for the summer project.  Contact the Coordinator of the OSL for more information.

Provide a 2-3 page typed description of the project you propose.  You should answer the following questions:

Project Description:

1) Describe the background of this project and your faculty advisor’s connection.  What is the goal of this project?  What questions will you seek to answer by the project’s combination of service and reflection? 

  • Include an explanation of the purposes of the service portion of the project, e.g., if social service is involved, explain the societal needs being addressed by the project; if a governmental agency, what are the concerns of that agency addressed by the proposed project?
  • What question(s) will the reflective portion of the project address? Answer in terms appropriate to the academic discipline(s) in which the project is being conducted.  What is the project’s relationship to the applicant’s overall program of study?  Will the end product of this project be a written document? If so, what type (technical report, feature article, academic paper, journal, etc)?  Who is the intended audience of the final product?

2) What methods will be used to pursue this goal?

In addition, the applicant should include:

Timeline: Outline your anticipated timetable for the period of the grant.  Indicate what parts of the Reflection and/or Service portions of your project you will already have completed by the beginning of the grant period.  Indicate whether the project will continue after the grant period is over.

Bibliography: a preliminary bibliography of works you will consult.

Faculty letter of support:  Include a letter of support from your faculty sponsor that describes the learning to be achieved through this project, especially the reflection portion.

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