Service-Learning Scholars

List of 2014 Scholars

Amy Hopkins partnered with the Delaware Coalition against Domestic Violence—read one of her articles in Our Independence

Aaron King and Matt Rojas partnered with West Side Grows Together on the Better Block project.

Amira Idris and Manuela Restropo completed their summer working with The Perry Initiative on the development of a new arthroscopic knee surgery module

Katie Bonanno and Celebrating our Stories

Service-Learning Scholarships provide highly motivated students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a service-learning or community-based research project for ten weeks in the summer in a setting outside of the classroom. Scholars work in a Delaware community agency (non-profit, governmental, community-based action research, or service-based corporate activity) and simultaneously pursue academic reflection under the guidance of a UD faculty mentor. In this immersion-learning experience, students spend the bulk of their week working in the community and one-quarter of their time in academic reading, discussion, and reflection.

Projects can be conducted in any major. Strong proposals will either expand work done in a course with the faculty mentor or prepare for an upcoming service-learning course with the faculty member. Proposals will explain the goals of the project, the questions you seek to answer by the combination of service and reflection, and the purposes of the service portion of the project.

The reflective portion of the proposal includes a preliminary bibliography and addresses questions in terms appropriate to the academic discipline(s) in which the project is being conducted. The end product of this project might be a written document (technical report, feature article, academic paper, journal, etc) or a presentation.

Faculty sponsors are asked to provide a letter of support that describes the learning to be achieved through this project, especially the reflection portion and how it builds on or sets the foundation for service-learning coursework. An official representative of the sponsoring agency is asked to include a statement of terms of your placement.

Funds Available: Service-Learning Scholars receive a $3,000 stipend and an additional $500 housing allowance to enable students to participate in individual faculty-guided service-learning projects during 10 weeks in the summer. Faculty sponsors receive $500.

Proposals: Due March 1, 2015 Awards Announced April 1, 2015.
Contact Susan Serra, Office of Service-Learning
Note regarding Early Decision: Scholars who intend to earn credits in Spring 2015 as preparation for their summer service experience may apply for Early Decision and receive provisional approval within a month.  The on-line application will be available November 1 and the deadline for Early Decision applications is January 15, 2015.  Please indicate on the application that you wish to be considered for Early Decision and include a description of your spring semester plans. Early Decision awards will be announced by February 2.

Service-Learning Scholars Handbook: For more information about the Service-Learning Scholars program please refer to the program's Handbook.

Faculty Sponsor Letter of Support (pdf)
Placement Sponsor Letter of Support (pdf)
Service-Learning Scholar Application (links to the on-line application)


Undergraduate Research and Service Celebratory Symposium

 The fourth annual University of Delaware Undergraduate Research and Service Celebratory Symposium will be held on Thursday, Aguust 14 from 9 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in Clayton Hall.  The Symposium showcases the work of about 300 Undergraduate Research and Service Learning Scholars, representing every college and discipline. This event is free and open to the public.

Past programs can be viewed below:

Prior to 2010, each Scholar program hosted its own end of summer Symposium.  Programs for the Service Learning Scholars are below:

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