Community Partners

The University of Delaware has a long history of service to the State of Delaware. Many Colleges and Centers on campus have well-established relationships with the community. To continue and enhance that commitment, the Office of Service-Learning was created to provide continued support for a mode of teaching that has an engaged citizenry as a goal for its graduates. Service-Learning is a method of teaching that integrates students’ work in community placements with directed reflection that connects theory and experience.

Community partners are an essential component of service-learning and work with faculty and students to develop projects that are appropriate for a particular course and meet the community’s needs. Service-Learning projects tend towards the long-term and should be conceived by the community agency as a way to meet a need that ordinarily would not have resources.

The following typology provides a visual definition (Sigmon, 1994):

Service-LEARNING       Learning goals primarily; service outcomes secondary

SERVICE-learning        Service outcomes primary; learning goals secondary

service-learning           Service and learning goals are completely separate

SERVICE-LEARNING     Service and learning goals of equal weight and each enhances the other for all participants

Representatives from community agencies are welcome to contact the Assistant Director of the Office of Service-Learning to discuss new projects and proposals (or just brainstorm ideas). She can work with you to think through your project and facilitate discussion with faculty.

We also recognize that there are times when your agency could use assistance in other fashions. For other needs, the following UD resources are available:

Volunteers provide enthusiastic, but limited service, with no academic content. They might participate in a local clean-up effort, or help plan and execute a one-time event, or spend an hour a week reading in a local school. Volunteers make programs possible! Need a number of enthusiastic people (or just one)? Contact: Siobhan May, Student Engagement Coordinator for Residence Life and Housing, can get the word out to students living in the Residence Halls.

To view current volunteer opportunities refer to the Bank of America Career Services Center (CSC) website. In addition, there is information on the CSC website about occasional volunteer fairs where you can provide information about your organization and opportunities for service and career-related experience.  This year the volunteer fair has been combined with the fall career fair to be held on Tuesday September 23, 2014 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Bob Carpenter Center. For more information, check out the Employer section on the Fall Career Fair site. Non-profit organizations offering unpaid volunteer and internship opportunities are welcome to participate.


In a straightforward internship, students work almost exclusively with the community agency, in a pre-professional placement. The academic content, if any, usually concerns issues of professional life. Internships are a longer term commitment and can run for a year, normally at least for a semester or during summer.

For further information contact:
Scott Rappaport, Program Coordinator of the Student Employment and Internship Program